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Intro to Series : Local gangster Benjamin Clark has all of Georgia on ‘lockdown.’ The drug kingpin sits atop a Southern narcotics empire which is the envy of all his rivals. But despite his success in the deep south criminal underworld Benjamin is still full of hubris. Unlike other ‘bosses’ who’re content just laying low and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Benjamin is compelled to flash his wealth and status wherever he goes. 
  After all… there’s a code to the streets of which they both come from. Rules to the game. Money… over everything.

Ski Mask Cartel 1-3 BOOK SET

In the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, also known as Chiraq, the SKI MASK CARTEL is robbing and murdering everything moving, while laying their claim as the coldest clique to ever walk the streets. RACINE, is the type of savage who robs and kills to provide for his loved ones. While his cousin, TEZ, is strictly about the body count and the paper, and all of the prestige that comes with making other boss hustlers lay down. As the crew’s riches pile up, the time-worn devils, greed, deceit and the battle over a woman rear their ugly heads. Racine is no punk, but is he truly built to go up against RAYJON, the ruthless leader of the murderous gang? Is money and the love of a woman worth a man’s life? Sometimes it is!


Trapped in a living hell, SASHA dreams of being rescued by a rich, handsome man who’ll whisk her away from her daily nightmare. Honestly, she never believed that dream would come true because not much of anything good has ever come her way.But then, along comes QUAMAE, an irresistible drug dealer who has the game on lock. Sasha can’t believe her good fortunes when Quamae falls head over heels in love with her and wants to make her his bride.


Price at S.N.X : $36.00

Intro to Series :  TRUST NO MAN is an urban street tale told in such vivid detail and with such gritty and compelling style, it is like watching a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Terrence aka Youngblood is a young and jiggy stick-up kid in ATL with much baby mama drama and strict street principles: respect for the code of his game and loyalty to those who are loyal to him. Shan, Youngblood’s cocaine sniffing baby mama, violates him when she hooks up with one of his partnaz while Youngblood is serving a bid. When Youngblood touches down, it’s on and poppin’. Rich Kid, a flamboyant drug kingpin wants to put Youngblood on his team, but Youngblood prefers to get his the fast way, the ski mask way. When Youngblood hits a big lick, he finds out that more money means more problems. Who can he trust? The answer will leave you speechless. Trust No Man is a story of murder, sex, money, bling, love, and betrayal. Get ready to have your every emotion touched. 

The King Cartel 1-3 BOOK SET

When the head of the notorious King Cartel is gunned down, he leaves behind a rich drug empire that’s in utter turmoil. DAMAR KING, the heir to the throne, is a young, brash leader who is intent on solving the riddle of his brother’s murder and taking the organization to new heights. And whoever opposes him will be eliminated with no regard as he searches for the enemy from within his own crew. When the hidden opposition becomes strong, Damar becomes stronger, and the gunplay becomes fierce. However, the treachery that surrounds him is just as lethal as Damar’s gun. To avoid the snakes that slither in his garden, Damar learns he must use brain over brawn as loyalties are forged and broken to remain on top. Will Damar learn that lesson in time? Or will his enemies bring him down to his knees? Will the burgeoning love that sprouts amiss all of the bloodshed become Damar’s strength or his ultimate weakness? The only thing that’s certain is that nothing is sacred in Love and War, and that Damar will go to any means to protect THE KING CARTEL.


Price at S.N.X : $36.00

Intro to Series :  They say Loyalty is everything, but beneath the surface of a promise lies betrayal and deceit. Taught by the best and given the keys to an empire Kiam’s loyalty is tested at every turn as he strives to enforce his rule over those who ultimately can’t be trusted. A deadly warning directs his course as he strives to carry out his orders. With sex, money, murder and dark secrets lurking around every corner and a team of beautiful yet dangerous women he is forced to work with, who will ultimately be the Bitch he can’t trust.


Price at S.N.X : $36.00

Intro to Series : After his powerful, drug dealing family falls victim to the very thing that once helped them dominate Philadelphia’s tough underworld, SONTINO “SONNY” MORENO found himself trapped in the slums of North Philly. Now, at the age of 23, his sole ambition is to lock down the streets of Philly and reclaim the power and glory his estranged father once possessed. Unfortunately, the only thing standing in his way is the grandfather he never knew existed. As Sonny begins his bloody rise to prominence, the concept of family falls by the wayside and murder reigns supreme. Love turns to hate and some who claim to be loyal commit indelible acts of treason. Will Sonny’s bloodline be the cause of his success or the root of his downfall? Either way, the streets of Philly will never be the same.


Price at S.N.X : $20.00

Intro to Series :  Ready the Tony Story written by Philly Native and MMG Rapper MEEK MILL and catch up on the Trap House written by Sa’id Salaam 


Price at S.N.X : $36.00

Intro to SeriesLocal gangster Dante (Jack Boy) knows more than anybody how dangerous and ruthless the streets can be. But against his better instincts allows himself to fall for a local female gangster named Alinna. Considered to be somewhat of a competitor to Dante because she leads her own all female crew. Alinna too, is very well aware of the dangers that come with letting feelings get in the way of business. But like Dante, decides to embrace the attraction anyway. That however proves to be a mistake.  Could he end up losing everything in the end?


Price at S.N.X : $36.00

Intro to Series : To rise to the top of the drug game no one man can do it alone. With this in mind, three diehard friends, GANGSTA, KASH and DANK band together to take over the streets. There is strength in numbers and the savvy but vicious trio are primed to put the game on lock. Until one man’s mistake, one lustful moment and one disloyal act threatens to bring them down. Under the pressure applied by cops, will friends turn into foes or will their true love for one another rise to the top? Meanwhile, a different type of love lies in the balance. Sisters, NENE and ERICA are as different as night and day. The one thing they do have in common is their love for a certified thug. And in Kash, Dank, and Gangsta they find thuggism and much, much more. Will the two beautiful sisters be able to survive the cold realities that come with loving a gangsta? Or will they get caught in the middle of the gunfire when the treachery between the men turn ugly and THE STREETS BLEED MURDER.


Price at S.N.X : $20.00

Intro to Series : They say if you leave an enemy breathing they rise up and take revenge. Kayson, a big time dealer in New York, got his come-up early in the game by killing anybody he had to on his way to the top. Anxiously waiting for fifteen years to get revenge, an opportunity finally presents itself when his right-hand man Aldeen introduces him to KoKo. KoKo is a boss in her own right and down for whatever, so when the offer is placed on the table to work with the top man, she accepts. Kayson carefully trained KoKo to be his best angel of death. With a score needing to be settled, it will be KoKo who will not only seduce and trap Kaysons enemy, but she will also end up stumbling upon an enemy of her own. Will the trap Kayson sets for his enemy quench his thirst for revenge or will the power of the pussy prove to be his own downfall? The Pussy Trap is a dramatic web full of sex, greed, power and payback.


Price at S.N.X : $36.00

Intro to SeriesWith innocent, baby-faced looks but the swag of an OG, Savarous Jones, a.k.a. Pimp, is an opportunist that can charm and swindle the unsuspecting heart of any woman that can financially profit his hidden agenda because using the ladies for his come-up is a major part of his get-down. Pimp is on a focused mission to free his father, Mr. Jones, who is serving a life sentence, in a federal prison, by way of stealing, killing, and robbing his way to millions. He is prepared to destroy anyone and anything that threatens his changes at pulling off the impossible. That’s until he crosses paths with an irresistibly beautiful art teacher named Icey Williams, whose womanly prowess weakens his resolve long enough for her best friend, Brad, a blood thirsty federal agent to swoop in on his target and permanently sit him in a cell next to his fathers’. Will Icey soften and change The Heart of a Gangsta and get her very determined FVI friend to fall back, or will he serve her the same deadly fate he plans to dish to each of his enemies?


4 Books for 1 Price!

REG PRICE: $45.00 SNX PRICE : $36.00 (YOU SAVE $9.00)

 Carl Weber presents an installment of over 8 city book series all titled Kingpins. Carl Weber brings the best of Urban street lit authors together, each telling their own dramatic tale of life in the streets in known cities across the USA. 

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