All completed orders shipping to an inmate in a Correctional Facility are final sale.

  • We do not automatically issue refunds, exchanges or credits for rejected material. Please contact us at 914-623-7007 9:30am-6:30pm EST M-F if an issue occurs.

The following are examples of items that have a tendency to get rejected from Strict Correctional Institutions:

  1. Magazines and books depicting drugs, gang signs, violence, and strong sexual content may be rejected. 
  2. Magazines such as FEDS, DON DIVA, FELON, and AS IS contain articles about other men & women who are incarcerated and may be viewed as a security issue at certain facilities.
  3. Men’s magazines are sometimes rejected because of mild nudity, and penetration
    • For example a women wearing a thong could be considered nude and rejected from certain facilities.
    • As well as magazine such as BBO, Penthouse or anything that contains just the word NUDE can be rejected, so please verify what you are ordering. 

Package Shipping Rules

All State and County Correctional Facilities determine the amount of items each inmate can receive per package.

  • Federal Correctional Facilities can receive a maximum of 3 or 5 items per package. NO MORE THAN 5 items per order. 

Some Correctional Facilities have a physical address and a Mailing Address. Our records only reflect the previous facilities we have shipped too so please be sure  to contact the facility BEFORE placing your order if you are unsure of package limits or correct shipping location.


Commonly Asked Questions

What if the package IS returned to SNX from a Correctional Facility?

  1. If a package is returned due to an incorrect item or an processing error, we will correct and re-ship at our cost.
  2. If an inmate is transferred, please be sure to contact us ahead of time so we can correct. Once the package is returned to our office, we will contact you for the new ship to address and to collect new shipping charge.
  3. If a package is returned due to there being too many items than allowed by facility, we will contact you with the options on reshipping. This includes removing items or splitting items into multiple packages.
  4. If the entire package is returned due to rejected material, we will remove rejected items and reship package. The cost of the Removed items will be used to cover cost of re-shipping the package.
  5. If the entire package is returned due to rejected material and no items can be reshipped. We will issue a courtesy credit minus the shipping cost and restock fee.

What if the package is NOT returned and the person does not receive it?

All Correctional Facilities handle rejected packages differently. They decide if a package can be returned to sender, re-shipped to a home address, held for media review or discarded by prison without the inmate’s approval. Once the package is picked up by the US Postal Service, we have no responsibility for it. Once the facility receives the package they have sole responsibility for its contents. Correctional Facilities can return a rejected package anywhere from 2 days to 3 months after delivery, we have no control over when or how a rejected package is handled.

When is a package considered delivered?

When SNX ships a package to an inmate at the address you provide, we verify its destination address with the US Postal service. All packages are sent priority mail with tracking information included. Once the US Penitentiary scans and receives package , the package is officially delivered. We partner with the USPS (United States Postal Service) on all tracking information which includes the date/time and the status of the order. All Correctional Facilities control if or when items are given to an inmate. An inmates privilege to receive packages can be revoked at any time by the Correctional Facility. 


The above policies are set in place to protect the interest of both our business and most of all you, the customer. Not all inmates have the privilege to receive packages but the ones who do must work with us to ensure a successful procedure. 

Thank you for your service

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