How to Place an order @shopSNX : using a Computer / Laptop

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If your reading this then your looking for ways to better understand how to use our site This guide is here to show you how to properly place an order on our site while using a computer or laptop. If you mainly make your orders using a cell phone browser or tablet, please click this link to see how to best place an order @shopSNX using a mobile device.

Step 1 : Find the items you’d like to order by using our search bar on the top right or by choosing from our CATEGORIES & POPULAR BRANDS on the left side. You can also scroll down and view our FEATURED ITEMS as well as our NEW PRODUCTS.

Step 2 : Click on the items you’d like to order, after reviewing the items details, click the ADD TO CART option to proceed to purchase.

  • Be sure to click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT once the pop up window displays. You will need to decide on whether you’d like to pay using Pay-pal (for help on checking out with pay-pal click here)

Step 3 : VERY IMPORTANT STEP – Be sure to follow each part of the check out throughly as it will NOT let you continue your order if it is not filled in correctly. Here are the things you wants to check on especially. Note : A GREEN Check will appear after you complete a section correctly.

  1. If you have ordered with us in the past, be sure to click RETURNING CUSTOMER and use the same email address you used to place the order the 1st time. This gives you a lot of options to view past orders, message us directly, receive discounts and more! IF THIS IS YOUR 1ST ORDER, NO WORRIES CONTINUE AHEAD.
  2. Be sure to fill in all the CUSTOMER INFORMATION in Part 1 -Billing Information of the check out. Key Boxes to fill in are :
    • EMAIL
    • BUYER’S NAME (YOUR NAME or whomever’s name is on the card that is being used)
    • BILLING ADDRESS ( This is the address that is linked to the card being used)

Step 4 : VERY IMPORTANT STEP – AFTER you complete your proper Billing information that should match the card that is being used to place the order, NEXT the site will open up the SHIPPING INFORMATION SECTION. Once you see the SHIPPING INFORMATION drop down, be sure to fill in the proper information for the loved one that you are ordering.

Key Boxes to fill in are :

  • Inmate First & Last Name with INMATE ID # (May be called DOC Number, Register Number, Offender Number, also Institution Number)  to add Inmate ID #; if your loved one does not need to add an Inmate # please write (NO ID NEEDED)
  • Correctional Facility Name in Full
  • Phone number ( A number that can be reached in case something goes wrong with order)
  • Address Line 1 (This is where the Correctional Facility Mailing Address should go)
  • Address Line 2 ( This is where you would add any UNIT information or CELL BLOCK #
  • City, Country, State, Zip Code (Be sure it matches Correctional Facility)

Note : Be sure to check the maximum amount of items that can be shipped per order to the facility as this can often change with each facility.

Step 5 : VERY IMPORTANT STEP MUST WATCH – AFTER you correctly fill out the SHIPPING INFORMATION section, please be sure to have your payment method handy. If you are paying using a Debit or Credit Card then please watch the video below.

Key Boxes you want to fill in are :

  • Card Holder Name {Make sure this name matches the card being used for payment)
  • Credit Card Number 
  • Expiration Date
  • Security Code

Note : A GREEN Check will appear after you complete a section correctly.

Note : Be sure you read & check the Terms & Conditions button and if you would like to hear more news about our business kindly check the Newsletter button.

Note : The Order Comments / Special Instructions section is your way or sending a personal note to your loved one or contact us about changes needed to be made to order.

ONCE YOUR ORDER IS COMPLETE an email will be sent to you with your shipping information.


” Here at Special Needs X-press we specialize in shipping books & magazines to Correctional Facilities for inmates all around the country. Please visit our site at or call us at 914-623-7007 and we can place an order for your loved one today! “




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